Ohio still pivotal in election year politics

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History repeats itself, 1920 or 2012, it all centers on Ohio

With Mitt Romney in Cincinnati and President Obama visiting Cleveland last Thursday, organizers of the 3rd Annual Warren G. Harding Symposium hope the importance of Ohio to this year's presidential election helps spring board direct comparisons and public interest to yesteryear when two Ohioans went head to head for the hearts and minds of the American voter.

Much like today, the 1920 presidential campaign also brought Ohio to forefront of the national political scene.  Marion, Ohio's native son and republican presidential nominee, Warren G. Harding and democratic nominee James Cox from Dayton made Ohio a hub for election year rhetoric.

The Warren G. Harding Symposium will present "America at a Crossroads: The 1920 Presidential Campaign" on July 20-21, 2012. The event will explore Harding's famous Front Porch Campaign, Democrat challenger James Cox, and the impact of millions of American women exercising their right to vote for the first time.

The Warren G. Harding Symposium is an academic, social, and cultural exploration of the life and times of America's 29th president.  The Warren G. Harding Symposium presents in-depth analysis and research by authors, historians, researchers, and experts on the Harding Era and related areas of interest.

The Warren G. Harding Symposium is a collaboration between The Ohio State University at Marion, the Ohio Historical Society, Marion Technical College, Harding Home & Memorial, and Marion County Historical Society.

Symposium events may feature speakers of noted interest, community social gatherings, and tours of historical significance, era appropriate cultural and performing arts presentations all centered on celebrating the historical significance of Harding and other turn of the century events in American history that are a reflection of our country's development from 1910 through 1925.

The two-day event will feature a wine and dessert reception at the Historic Hotel Harding; guided tours of the Harding Home and Museum, the Harding Tomb, and the Marion County Historical Society; workshop sessions featuring noted authors and Harding researchers; and a gala dinner and roundtable with keynote speakers.

For more information or to register for the 2012 Harding Symposium, "America at a Crossroads: The 1920 Presidential Campaign" visit http://osumarion.osu.edu/harding or call 740-725-6340.