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Pamela-Miller Sheets

Non-traditional student personifies bravery and perseverance in quest for education and career

Pamela Miller-Sheets graduated from Cardington-Lincoln High School in 1980.  Now 51 years young, she is realizing the culmination of her life experience and many years of hard work in the classroom.  She will graduate magna cum laude from The Ohio State University.

Coming out of high school, Miller-Sheets had no intention of going to college.  She did not take college preparatory coursework and had her mind set on becoming a cosmetologist.  She worked as a managing cosmetologist for 4 years before trying her hand at a number of different jobs including direct sales of everything from insurance to cars, the food service industry, and stay at home mother.

In autumn 2005, Miller-Sheets came to the realization that she wanted more than just a job, but a career that was rewarding and fulfilling.  With the encouragement of her husband, also a non-traditional student who had recently earned his Ohio State degree, she faced down her fears of college level mathematics and the fact that she had not been in a formal classroom setting for 25 years.

To make ends meet for her family, while attending school full-time, she ran a self-employed cleaning service that she started in 1994 and worked an additional 20 hours a week her junior and senior year in the Office of Communications and Marketing at The Ohio State University at Marion.  Miller-Sheets maintained a GPA above 3.7 throughout her college career.

She took 7 years of full-time coursework, all on the Marion campus.   A bevy of unique subjects such as classical Greek civilization, medicine in the ancient world, Spanish, and the anthropology of religion inspired her thirst for knowledge throughout her journey of personal educational discovery.  This led to taking advantage of the university’s Personalized Study Program (PSP) in the College of Arts and Sciences to complete her degree.  At autumn semester commencement, she will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Archaeology with honors from The Ohio State University. 

Pamela Miller-Sheets put herself through school the old fashion way, hard work and dedication.  She now has the belief and confidence in herself to know she can accomplish anything.  The small town girl who spent a lifetime building job experience now hopes to parlay that with her recent educational success into a career that inspires her.