Demystifying Digital Media

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Free public discussion sheds light on societies move from the age of analog to digital media

Digital media is pervasive in our society, long since edging out analog media such as records and tapes.  Despite this, digital media is, for many people, a mysterious entity that somehow produces music or video from a bunch of numbers.

Ohio State Marion’s Science Café, a free monthly community discussion on topical issues of science, welcomes Daniel McEnnis of Gracenote, Emeryville, CA, to downtown Marion’s Infinity Restaurant, 267 West Center Street, on Tuesday, January 3, 7 p.m. to help shed light on the science of digital media industry.

A pioneer in the digital media industry, Gracenote combines information, technology, services and applications to create ingenious entertainment solutions for the global market. 

McEnnis’ presentation will demystify digital media, explaining how music and video get transformed from a collection of numbers to images and sound.  Digital signal processing will be explored, followed by music information retrieval.  Video object detection will be introduced as well.  Finally, the presentation will explore some of the myriad ways that information about digital media – metadata – is being used to further change how we view and listen to media.

Science Cafés involve lively conversations with scientists about current science topics. Science Cafés are free and open to everyone, and take place in casual settings like pubs and coffee houses. At a café you can learn about the latest issues in science, chat with a scientist in plain language, meet new friends, speak your mind, and talk with your mouth full. The overriding goal of Ohio State Marion’s Science Café is to overcome reluctance to learning about science and to make science less mysterious.

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