Media and Technology Support




Scanning a Document or a Document with Images


1. Open HP Solution Center (from desktop)

2. Place document in scanner

3. Hit the Scan Document button

4. The Scanning Solutions Page will appear

a. When asked what you are scanning – choose document (black/white or color)

b. Scan to – save to file – choose your flash drive

c. If you will want to edit the document – Save As – File Type – Rich Text File (RTF)

d. If you don’t want to edit, or there is an image included in the document – Save As – File Type – PDF.

5. Push Scan Button (bottom left) – Click OK


Scanning Images


1. Open Adobe Photoshop (from desktop)

2. File

3. Import

4. HP Scanjet 8200

5. Accept

6. Crop the image how you want it.

7. File-Save As – Save the image to your flash drive




Slide Scanner

To put slides in scanner:

1. See which slides are portrait, write down slide number, put them all in landscape.

2. Place slides in first tray of machine with the slides facing you.



1. Nikon Scan 4

2. Scanner (top menu)

3. Slide Feeder

4. Number of Slides

5. Scan

6. Batch Scan

7. Starting Index (slide # where you are starting)

8. JPEG-file type

9. Browse – find the folder where you want to save – choose


Adobe Photoshop:

1. Crop picture

2. Image

a. Rotate

3. Image

a. Image Size

4. Check actual size

5. Save





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