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North Central District Science Day
9. State Science Day

The Ohio Academy of Science will be holding its State Science Day at The Ohio State University in Columbus on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

The students who will be participating in the State Science Day, and alternates, will be selected from among those earning Superior ratings at the District Science Day. State Science Day registration information will be handed out at the District Science Day, and the selected participants and alternates need to register with The Ohio Academy of Science.

If any selected student does not register for State Science Day, then an alternate will be selected to take that student's place.

Students and alternates are chosen for State Science Day based on the average score awarded for the project by the two judges. (Fractional averages are rounded up.) Team projects, which are scored out of 50 points, will first have their scores changed to a maximum of 40 points by the conversion:

50 points becomes 40;

49 points becomes 39;

48 points becomes 38;

47 points becomes 38;

46 points becomes 37;

45 points becomes 36.

Students with scores of 40 are selected, then those with 39, and so on, until the District's State Science Day quota is filled. Ties are broken by grade level: a student in a higher grade would be selected ahead of a student with the same score in a lower grade. If necessary, a lottery will be used to break ties. In a team with students from different grades, the lower grade is used to determine the tie-breaker.

Alternates for State Science Day are chosen in a ranked list determined by the same method.

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