The Ohio State University at Marion

Campus Campaign

Event Schedule

  • Walking Taco Tuesday, March 22nd, 11:30-1:00 p.m., Morrill Hall Lobby, for students, faculty and staff.
  • 2nd and 3rd Shift Employee Kick-off, Tuesday, March 8th, 9:00 p.m., Morrill Hall Vending/Food area.
  • Earth Day Walk with Harding High School, Friday, 22nd. (tentative).

How is Campus Campaign different from the United Way Campaign?

Campus Campaign contributions are used internally for Ohio State’s individual programs, projects and endowments. Campus Campaign donors choose where they want their gifts to be used according to their interest areas within the university. One hundred percent of each gift goes to the chosen fund(s).Even if you donate only a dollar or two per pay, these funds, added to your co-workers’ funds, add up to a sizeable amount overall. This campaign differs from the annual fall United Way Campaign in that employee participation counts rather than the total dollar amount.

When will faculty and staff be asked to make a gift?

The active phase of Campus Campaign is from March 1 through April 30. However, Campus Campaign is a year-round effort and gifts may be given at any time.

May I designate my gifts to a particular area of the university?

Yes! You may choose from more than 9,000 funds. These may be funds within your own unit, funds related to scholarships, regional campuses, libraries, diversity programs, research, and outreach, to name a few.

How do I search for funds?

Current faculty and staff can search for a fund by logging into the Campus Campaign online giving site at or

How much of my gift will actually go to the fund(s) I select?

100 percent!

Is my gift confidential?

Your participation is shared with Campus Campaign volunteers; however, we do not provide information about the amount of your gift, your designation, or method of giving.

Not everyone can afford to make a large contribution. What difference could a small gift make?

Every gift is important. Whatever amount, your gift shows that you believe in the fund you have chosen to support. There are many funds that receive a large number of “small” gifts. While all it takes to participate is $1, we encourage you to consider giving by payroll deduction. A gift of $5 per pay to the fund of your choice shows your commitment to the success of the program, research, patient care initiative, or scholarship you choose to support.

Is my gift tax deductible?


How do I make my gift?

I am a current faculty or staff member:
**Payroll deduction: Sign up today by making your gift online and choosing the payroll deduction option ($1/pay per fund), or include deduction information on your gift form. Deductions are ongoing gifts through per pay installments (12 times per year for those paid monthly and 26 times per year for those paid biweekly) and continue until Gift Processing or the Campus Campaign office is notified otherwise.

**One-time gift: make your gift today online or via cash or check*.

If I am not making any changes to my deduction or making an additional gift at this time, do I need to send in my gift form or go online?

If you are continuing existing deductions as they are and making no other gifts/pledges at this time, you DO NOT need to send in your form or submit online.

How can I find out what I gave to last year?

Current faculty and staff – View a list of your current payroll deductions and previous year’s gifts by logging into the Campus Campaign giving site ( or reviewing your personalized pre-printed gift form. Additional information on personal giving history is available by contacting the Gift Processing office at or calling 614-292-2141.

What do I do if I want to search for funds but am not ready to make a gift?

Visit the Campus Campaign giving site, and search all funds using the "Search" feature or the "Select an area:" menu. Search the database of more than 6,000 funds, and click "Add payroll" or "Add one-time" when you find the fund(s) you wish to support.

How do I get a gift form?

We encourage you to make your gift online. If you prefer a paper form, you may print a blank form off the Campus Campaign website or contact Barbara Kaelber for assistance.

How do I submit my gift form?

You can give your completed form (enclosed in the provided envelope) to Barbara Kaelber or any of the Marion Campus Campaign Committee members.

GIFT FORM - Be sure to sign your gift form to confirm your gift intent – new gift/deduction, change in amount or designation, or cancellation. If you are making no changes to your payroll deduction giving and are not making a cash, check or credit card gift you DO NOT need to send in your form.

What do I need to know about payroll deduction?

Your gift will be automatically deducted from your pay each pay period beginning July 1, 2016, and continue until further notice. You may change your gift amount or designation at any time online or by emailing the Campus Campaign office ( Deductions are a minimum of $1 per pay period per fund and are collected 12 times per year for those paid on a monthly basis and 26 times per year for those paid on a biweekly basis. One-time payroll deductions cannot be processed. Changes made to payroll deductions between July 1 and February 20 will take effect the next possible pay period. Changes made to payroll deductions between February 21 and June 30 will take effect the first pay period of the fiscal year (July).

2016 Campus Campaign Committee

Joel Barker, co-chair
Barbara Kaelber, co-chair
Emily Creasap, co-ambassador
Maryjo Mundey, co-ambassador
Leigh Gribble
Louis Hominga
Cheri King
Tom Marshall
Christian Peregrina
Mary Ellen Tobin