Coasters everywhere at Engineering Summer Camp

Freshmen engineers get a head start on the semester

The Ohio State University at Marion welcomed about half of their incoming class of freshmen engineering majors to a 5-day Engineering Summer Camp held July 28th through August 1st on the Marion campus. 

The young upstarts in attendance got a jump on their classmates, taking part in a mini coaster building contest. Over the course of the week, students worked in small groups to design, build, and extensively test a PVC roller coaster. The coaster building is an abbreviate version of the engineering 1182 class design project they will take part in during their time at Ohio State Marion.

Students are introduced to key concepts during the project, such as, the physics of energy transfer between kinetic and potential energy, energy loss due to friction, and how to achieve system wide consistency.

As part of its move to expand academic offerings on the regional campus, The Ohio State University at Marion now offers coursework towards the first two years of an Ohio State engineering degree through the College of Engineering.