The Ohio State University at Marion

Buckeye Ambassadors

Buckeye Ambassadors at the Marion Campus are often one of the first contacts prospective students and families have when they visit Ohio State Marion. Our Buckeye Ambassadors welcome new students and their guests, provide insightful connections and represent Ohio State Marion at various recruitment events. Our Buckeye Ambassadors are a friendly, high-achieving group of student leaders who are excited about the opportunities that Ohio State Marion has to offer.

Meet our current Buckeye Ambassadors

Name: Brooklyn Beard
Year: Senior
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Richwood, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Attend class. If you don’t attend class, it’s like going to the grocery store, buying all your groceries and leaving them there. You paid for that education, take advantage of it!

Name: Joyce Joseph
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business
Hometown: Lewis Center, Oh
One piece of advice for incoming students: Don’t start studying for exams the night before.

Name: Jasmine Gaffney
Year: Senior
Major: Business major, sociology minor
Hometown: Marion, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Learn how to manage your time. Doing this will save you time in the long run. You will be less stressed and able to have fun, but also get responsibility done.

Name: Jenna Basinger
Year: Sophomore
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Jasmetown, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Get involved as much as possible with campus events.

Name: Hollie Swain
Year: Senior
Major: Social work, minor in psychology
Hometown: Marion, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: College is all what you put into it, jump on every opportunity!

Name: Bayli Sanders
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Bryan, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Remember to have some fun to balance out all the stress of studying! And don’t be afraid to ask people questions!

Name: Caroline Anderson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Delaware, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Name: Alexis Nicholson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Hometown: Richwood, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Manage your time well, find a good study habit early because you will need one!

Name: Jade Ritzert
Year: Sophomore
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Hudson, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students:

Name: Isaac Green
Year: Sophomore
Major: Engineering
Hometown: Marysville, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students:

Name: Bailee Patton
Year: Freshman
Major: Radiology
Hometown: West Jefferson, Ohio
One piece of advice for incoming students: Plan your time wisely. Know when to study but also when to slow down and take a deep breath. Don’t forget to have some fun, even if that’s just meeting a friend for ice cream. Sometimes that can be the biggest stress reliever ever.

Interested in becoming an ambassador? We are always looking for enthusiastic students to join our team.


  • This is a paid on campus position. Ambassadors will average between 2-10 hours per week, depending on availability.
  • Schedules are flexible. Ambassadors will be encouraged to attend larger group events as well as individual tour requests as we get them.
  • Opportunity to become more connected to camps and network with Ohio State staff and the community.
  • Gain experience in the workplace, develop leadership skills and build your resume!
  • Improve public speaking and communication skills.
Here’s how to apply:
There are two steps to the application process.
  1. Apply for the position at:
  2. Then submit a statement on why you want to be a Buckeye Ambassador or a 3-5 minute video on why you want to become an ambassador to Holly Jacobson at Get creative and have fun!
  3. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and will not be considered complete without both components (application and essay or video).

Qualified applicants must:

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.· Have energy and enthusiasm for working with incoming students and families.
  • Possess strong communication skills in individual and larger group settings.· Be flexible and dependable. Time management skills are very important to this position.
  • Be willing to take on challenges and to learn.Responsibilities:
  • Provide campus tours to visitors· Provide a student’s perspective to families and tour groups about Ohio State Marion. This includes campus life, academics and physical facilities.
  • Serve on student panels for various groups around campus
  • Assist enrollment services staff during recruitment events, which may include occasional evening hours.· Assist with outreach as needed.
  • Attend required team meetings with Buckeye Ambassador Groups· Complete required training sessions and use established communication methods.
  • Have fun!

For more information or questions, please contact Holly Jacobson at