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Peer Leaders

First Year Experience Peer Leaders support all new students beginning with orientation through the end of the first year at Ohio State Marion. Peer leaders focus year-round on outreach and relationship development, expanding the mission of First Year Experience to holistically impact all new students as they progress through their first year. Students in this role use their knowledge and perspective as experienced peers to connect new students to the people, resources and information essential for success in the first year. Peer leaders are significant in shaping first-year students’ transition, motivation and satisfaction, which contributes to students’ persistence to the second year and beyond.

Meet the Peer Leaders

Nathan Baker
Mount Gilead, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Honors First-Year English Composition with Dr. Lishan. The class was far different than I expected. We spent a great deal of time discussing big issues such as racism and the way people express conformity and rebellion. The class made me think about new issues and really consider important topics in new ways. The reason I loved this class was because it enabled me to encounter so many new viewpoints and really learn about my classmates.

Study tip: If you have a lot of studying to get done, list it all out first. This is huge because it makes your work less intimidating, and you know exactly what needs done in every class. I find clarity is always important for getting one's tasks done.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: Professors in general. I go to office hours all the time and ask for advice. I would also recommend participating in class and asking professors lot's of questions. This helps you build a relationship with your professor and learn more about the class topic.

Advice for new students: Form as many connections as you can with staff and faculty. There are so many benefits from this. Forming relationships with your professors helps you succeed in classes. Staff and faculty are both extremely beneficial in keeping you aware of new opportunities and events on campus. Get to know some other students as well. Peer leaders and classmates are both and excellent people to develop friendships with, and who can also aid with your success at college.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: I was surprised at how much of a community this campus is. Staff and faculty are closely involved with the students. There's a definite culture here, and it's awesome.

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: I drum in my free time. I play rock beats to unwind at the end of the day and it's the perfect way to simultaneously energize and relax yourself.

Most influential Ohio State experience: I keep a Christianized version of Messianic Jewish holy days, which means there are a few dates that I have to be away from school. I expected to have a hard time getting professors to work with me on those dates, but that wasn't the case. All my professors have been really understanding and helpful about these things. This really made me feel like the people on campus cared about me and were inclusive.

Lydia Drake
Delaware, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Social Psychology was an amazing class that lead me to develop a deeper level of understanding when it comes to interacting with the world and the people who reside within it.

Study tip: Utilize your professor’s office hours. The professors want their students to succeed and are usually more than happy to help clarify any confusion or advise you in the right direction.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The academic advisors are one of the greatest resources on campus. At least once a week I am in the Advising Office and receiving helpful information or tips.

Advice for new students: Use a planner or organizer so that you can stay on top of all the upcoming deadlines and not have to do the midnight rush. There are so many great opportunities on campus to become involved and using a planner helps organize all of your information so that you do not miss out on the fun.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: I must say that I am highly impressed with the social environment on campus. Not only are the students, staff, and faculty of Ohio State Marion friendly and welcoming, but most everyone is passionately driven in their field.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Honestly my entire experience at Ohio State has been so incredible that it’s difficult to pick just one special aspect. It all started with Welcome Day, my first official day of college. I was nervous to start with, but by the end of the day I was filled with excitement and had gained so much confidence in myself and the choices I would make.

Jacob Kroh
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience because it was my first challenge in college.

Study tip: Don't cram for your exams, study the material a little bit at a time every day.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The library.

Advice for new students: Check your email at least once per day to avoid missing crucial information.

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: Playing video games and woodworking.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: The research opportunities available.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Being a Peer Leader.

Haley Demmit
Business Management
LaRue, Ohio

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): CSE 2111 (Required for business and engineering students). I enjoyed this class because I learned a lot of valuable skills that deal with technology and they will be very helpful for a future career. It was a challenging course but one that was fun at the same time to me. I also met a lot of other business students in this course that I became friends with.

Study tip: Start ahead! Most professors will have all quizzes and tests outlined in the class syllabus so you know what days/times you will need to be prepared for. Start your studying early, as then it will be easier to retain information. You will feel more prepared and confident going into the test. It may be tempting to wait until the day before to start looking over notes, but that's a big risk.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: Media Lab- This is a great place to study, do homework or print papers you need for class. This is also where I have met some of my classmates to go over homework and do projects.

Advice for new students: Don't be afraid to get involved in organizations or other activities on campus. There are many opportunities that you can benefit from, and getting involved also means meeting new people that you could become friends with.

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: On and off campus I love to do anything involved with art or being creative. From needle felting to just drawing on paper, I enjoy it all. It is also a nice relaxer from classes/homework.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: For Marion seeming like a small city to most people, the campus is very diverse! You can learn a lot from other students on campus or by joining different clubs and organizations.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Starting college, I was unsure on what major I wanted to pursue. I started out in business, but I was always second guessing myself over that choice. It wasn't until I took my CSE class that I felt comfortable in where I was. Everything clicked in a way that it hadn't before, and I was then fully committed to my original plan.

Hannah McQuistion
Middle Childhood Education
Marion, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Weather and Climate 1900 was one of my favorite classes of my Ohio State career. I absolutely love science (why I'm a science teacher!) and I learned so many new phenomenons that explained why the Earth does what it does.

Study tip: Pace yourself on assignments. I found it very successful and effective for myself when I chipped away at assignments throughout the week instead of doing it all at once. It also didn't wear me out and I didn't have to worry about the assignment when the deadline was close.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The Student Center exercise room and gym. I love to spend time releasing stress while working out.

Advice for new students: Seek out opportunities! There are many things for you to get involved in around campus that can make life easy and successful, like the Student Center, research opportunities with professors, and the Academic Success Center.

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: I love to play and coach basketball any chance I get. I also enjoy playing video games.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: I don't think many students realize that there are quite a few degrees that you can complete right here on this campus. It is not just a commuter campus!

Most influential Ohio State experience: I would have to say being a Peer Leader. It has really given me the chance to meet lots of new students and faculty around campus. I have gained so many life skills like leadership and networking.

Karly McMillin
Social Work
Marion, Ohio

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): My favorite class during my first year was Film and Literature with Sue Oakes. This class was unique compared to my other courses and it provided me with the skills to understand the techniques used in the filmmaking industry while also understanding its impact on popular culture. I really enjoyed watching and analyzing a few different movies that are considered classics in our culture in order to get a better understanding of what goes into creating popular films.

Study tip:I think the most valuable study tip I can give anyone is to know yourself well in regard to how much studying you need to do in order to succeed in each class. Not every class is going to take the same amount of work to get you your desired grade. You will have to work harder to succeed in certain classes than others. Additionally, it is important to mention that how much you need to study will also differ from how much other students in your classes need to study. You are the only person that knows how much time and energy you should be spending on each class. Just do your best to always be reaching these requirements for yourself.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: I have used the media lab frequently throughout my time at Ohio State Marion. It is a great place to go in between classes when I need a quiet place to finish writing a paper, or even if I just need to print a couple things off.

Advice for new students: Get involved! Because a large portion of Ohio State Marion students commute to campus each day, it can be difficult to take advantage of the social aspect of college that occurs outside the classroom. I would definitely recommend that all students try and get involved in some extracurricular activities within their first year of college, as it allows for connections with other students as well as staff and faculty. I have found that it enhances the overall college experience as well. Everyone knows academics are essential for success in college, but we often do not realize that the stuff that happens outside the classroom is also very important.

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: I love spending my free time reading a good book, or hanging out with friends. I find that these are great stress relievers and provide a nice break from my studies and other responsibilities.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: In my opinion, the most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion is the amount of leadership and educational opportunities that exist here. Because it is a smaller campus, I think many people are tempted to believe that the amount of opportunities on this campus is less than that of a bigger campus, however that has not been my experience. I have found many opportunities here that have made me a better student and a better person. My experiences have allowed me to grow as well as prepared me for entering my career field after I graduate. These experiences include, but are not limited to, leadership retreats, participation in student clubs, campus jobs, and the ability to work one-on-one with professors.

Joyce Joseph
Lewis Center, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Math 1130 because Algebra has always been my favorite subject!

Study tip: Never wait until the last minute to write a paper!

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The Media lab in Morrill Hall.

Advice for new students: Always stay on top of ALL your classes, not just a select few because your GPA will be greatly affected!

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: Singing with my church choir.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: How much the professors genuinely care about your understanding of the course material.

Most influential Ohio State experience: One time, I had asked a professor a favor, originally thinking she would disapprove due to a time crunch. However, even with all the other responsibilities she had to get done, this professor took time out of her day to make mine better. This always makes me appreciate the little things people do, because sometimes they might be extending a helping hand to give us encouragement for a moment when really they're showing how much they want us to succeed in our lifetime. Here's to all my professors! Thank you!

Lauren Kimmel
Marysville, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Public Speaking! This class is challenging but helps develop important skills you will use for the rest of your life, while also allowing you to make many friends.

Study tip: Don't procrastinate, start studying a week or more before your test. When you're studying, take short breaks so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: Professor's office hours.

Advice for new students: Take time out of your schedule to decompress, taking time for yourself is important and healthy!

Favorite hobby/how you like to spend your free time: like to play with my pets and draw in my free time.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: The incredible community!

Most influential Ohio State experience: Working together with my peers to help solve problems and through that learning to enjoy group projects!