The Ohio State University at Marion

Buckeye Media Envoy

BuckeyeME engages students from different majors and backgrounds in news gathering and sharing the campus story through their personal perspective in picture, video, and text. Students are encouraged to post blogs, photos, and videos of in-class lectures, research, experiments, campus events, and much more. The idea behind the program is to expand the eyes and ears of the campus and create a central location to house stories and thoughts collected by students.

Eight students were chosen to participate in the BuckeyeME program. Central to BuckeyeME is a blog site through Ohio State’s platform, Buckeye Media Envoys are trained and encouraged to share their mobile photos, videos, and short text stories on the blog site weekly. A shared box was also set up to load photos and video.

Ohio State Marion students who want to be part of sharing their Ohio State experience in Marion through photos, video, or text are encouraged to share on social media platforms at #BuckeyeME or email New participants are welcomed to join BuckeyeME by contacting the Office of Communications & Marketing at 740-725-6316.

2016 Spring Semester Buckeye Media Envoys

Amanda DeJonge
Sophomore, Communications
"I chose to be a Buckeye Media Envoy because I love my school. Being a Buckeye is one of my proudest ways to identify, and I want to show past, present, and future students what my school has to offer."

Hannah Fuller
Sophomore, Middle Childhood Education
"I volunteered to be apart of the Buckeye Media Envoy because I wanted to tell the story of our campus and the students and faculty here."

Rachel Hopper
Junior, Pharmaceutical Sciences
"I wanted to become a Buckeye Media Envoy to express my enthusiasm for being on this campus. I want to spread that enthusiasm to other students and students who may want to invest their future in Ohio State Marion."

Ashley Irvin
Senior, English
"I decided to join BME because I plan to work professionally in writing in the future. I also also excited to be apart of telling this campuses story through the eyes of a student! Who better to tell the story that those in the story itself !"

Fiona Muyo
Sophomore, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
"I chose to become a Buckeye Media Envoy because I wanted to have a student perspective input on the tremendous things Ohio State Marion has to offer."

Erin Rhoades
Junior, Literature
"One of my favorite things about OSUM is being able to meet new and interesting people that I will most likely frequently run into on campus. With Buckeye Media Envoy I can reach out even further to more students and show them how great our campus is!"