Ohio State Marion Digital Media Composition Award Deadline

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Ohio State Marion Digital Media Composition Award
Seeking student submissions: Deadline April 4, 2014
This award is given annually to the single best instance of student-produced digital composition from the Ohio State University at Marion. Examples of eligible submissions include (but aren’t necessary limited to): blogs, web sites, short videos, flash animation, visual compositions (Photoshop collages, poster designs, info-graphics, etc.), audio compositions (audio essays, public service announcements, spoof commercials, etc.), digital literacy biographies or narratives. Deadline: April 4, 2014

Submit nominations to the Ohio State Marion Writing Program Administrator, Ben McCorkle, at mccorkle.12@osu.edu by April 4, 2014. Submissions should be submitted in a deliverable digital format (e.g., jpg, mp3, mov, html, swf, URL, etc.). Self-nominations are allowed.

This award can be won by any student enrolled at Ohio State Marion or the Ohio Marion/Columbus State partnership campus. The submission can be produced as a part of coursework in a particular class, or it could be produced independent of such coursework. Submissions produced for professional contexts (e.g., a web site developed for a private company as a part of a freelance job) will not count. Works produced either alone or collaboratively will be considered.

There will be one award given, a $100 gift certificate (to Barnes & Noble Bookstore).