Literary Awards Competition Submissions Deadline

Event Date: 

Ohio State Marion Literary Awards Competition
Open to all currently enrolled Ohio State Marion students, entry deadline is Friday, April 5, noon

  • Fiction & Creative Nonfiction (the Narrative Prize)
  • Poetry (the Lyric Prize)12
  • Three prizes in each genre: Gift Certificates of $100.00, $50.00, and $25.00 (to Barnes & Noble Bookstore)
  • Cover sheet with your name, home, e-mail address, telephone number, and genre must be included
  • Multiple entries in different genres may be submitted as long as you turn in a separate cover sheet for each genre
  • Secure your entries with a paper clip or binder clip – no staples!

Submitting your work on the Marion campus - all manuscripts must be submitted to the receptionist in the Academic Enrichment (MR 216).

Submitting your work the Delaware Partnership Location with Columbus State Delaware - you can submit manuscripts to Cathy McClain, at the front desk in Moeller Hall.

Be sure to keep copies of your work! Manuscripts will not be returned. For further details: contact Stuart Lishan (e-mail:; phone: 740-725 6265)