"Active Minds" Regional Conference Submission Deadline

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Marion Campus Students Wanted to Join Active Minds Regional Conference
Registration for up to 4 students paid by Ohio State Marion Office of Student Life                   Registration must occur by March 22nd so don’t delay!

Active Minds is a powerful, national group springing up on college campuses in an effort to reduce stigma and change the perception about mental health one conversation at a time. Active Minds was started by one student 10 years ago at the University of Pennsylvania. There are now 350 of these student-led groups throughout our country. The Ohio State at Marion Offices of Student Activities and Counseling & Wellness would like to start a chapter of Active Minds here on our campus and we need your help!

The Active Minds Regional Conference will take place on Saturday April 6th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and we are looking for interested students to attend with us, to learn ways to bring this program to our campus.

The Office of Student Life has generously agreed to pay the registration fee for up to 4 students who would like to be involved in this program. Anyone who is interested or needs additional information, please contact, Nadea Khorbotly (khorbotly.1), or Leslie Beary (beary.4). Faculty, feel free to nominate a student! Registration deadline March 22nd.