Endorsement Programs for Current Teachers


There are a variety of teaching endorsements recognized by the Ohio Department of Education to enhance the licensure of a teacher. Endorsements must be added to a current teaching license.

It is important you work with your academic advisor to know the most updated courses for the endorsements as the university transitions to semesters. Many courses have new numbers and content.


Endorsements currently offered at the Marion campus 

  • Early Childhood Endorsement4th and 5th Grade available at Marion for teachers with current teaching licensure grades pre-K -3rd to add grades 4 and 5 to your licesure
  • Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement • For grades 4-6 to add subjects areas that may not currently be part of your middle education licensure grades 4-9.
  • Ohio State Marion K-12 Reading Endorsment: Details
  • Mathematics Endorsement: Overview This a new Endorsement for the Marion Campus (autumn 2013) please use the contact information below for more details.

Continuing Education • For more information contact: