Have a Bachelor's Degree and Interested in Becoming a Teacher

If you currently hold a Bachelor degree in an area other than Education you can still earn licensure for Early or Middle Childhood Education at The Ohio State University at Marion campus. You have a few choices in how you earn licensure.

You can either complete continuing education classes that meet licensure requirements of The Ohio Department of Education as a continuing educatoin student or you may choose to earn a second bachelor degree in Education. There is a minimum grade point average minimum requirement of 2.75 on a scale of 4.0 to earn licensure through The Ohio State University program. You will want to consult with the Education program academic advisor to learn the details of earning licensure. Please call 740-725-6334 for an appointment to see Sharon Gattshall in our Academic Advising office for more details.

For more information contact:

Sharon Gattshall at gattshall.2@osu.edu or 740-725-6334


Dr. Margaret Harkins at harkins.11@osu.edu or 740-725-6238