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The Office of Career Services provides the resources and professional assistance to guide students toward wise career decision making and developing the search skills required to successfully compete in today's job market. Helping our students understand what employers expect and what kind of activities may advance their employability is the commitment of this office.

Article of the Week/Month  -  April  14 - 20,  2014

Obtaining Summer Employment

Lee Hansen, Yahoo Contributor Network

It's time to get serious about looking for that elusive job for summer employment. It's not a big secret that summer jobs are limited in availability. But don't let that stop you. Here are some tips you might consider using whether looking for a job near your college campus or near your home.

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The OSU-Marion Office of Career Services recognizes the importance of forging partnerships with faculty to support our students' academic and career development.  A strong connection between faculty members and the Office of Career Services will benefit our students in their long term career success. Any member of the faculty is always welcome to contact this office with any questions or wish to explore ways to collaborate.

Career Service Office Contacts by OSU College

Ohio State - Marion
Will Smith
Coordinator, Career Services
Room 124 - Maynard Hall
1465 Mount Vernon Avenue
Marion, OH 43302-5628
Voice: (740) 725-6344
Fax: (740) 725-6133
Ohio State - Columbus       
48 Townscend Hall
1885 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-7055
College of Business (Fisher)
150 Gerlach Hall
2108 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-6024
College of Education & Human Ecology
201 Campbell Hall
1787 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 688-5663
199 Hitchcock Hall
2050 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-6651
2120 Fyffe Road
100 Agricultural Admin Building
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-1589
240 Newton Hall
1585 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-4041
100 Cunz Hall
1841 Neil Avenue
Columbus OH 43210
(614) 292-8350
400 Stillman Hall
1947 College Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210
(614) 292-6288
 Ohio State - Alumni
Longaberger Alumni House
2200 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1035
(614) 292-3314
(800) 635-8944