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Paper Beyond the Page |  March 3 - April 11, 2014
Artists:  Lauren Faulkenberry, Kerri Harding, & Suzanne Sawyer

Please join us for a reception on Monday, March 24th at 2pm.
There will be an informal gallery talk with Kerri Harding beginning at 3pm.

In today’s digital world, many artists are looking back in time to processes and practices that were once popular but have been thought of as defunct and impractical for some time now. Historic photographic processes, letterpress printing, book binding, and hand paper making are “old ways” that are experiencing a resurgence in interest. These processes offer artists and viewers an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the materials, to create a dialogue with the process and the ideas that take form from these practices, and offer a materiality that is often missing in today’s digital communication.

Paper defines civilization. It has shaped our society since the advent of “true paper,” which requires the breaking-down and reconstitution of plant fibers, often dated to A.D. 105 in China. As Timothy Barrett, internationally recognized master craftsman, paper historian, and MacArthur Fellow says, “our whole culture is knitted together by paper.” Today, paper seems to be going the way of the telephone landline and is being replaced by electronic communication. There is a purposefulness and meaningfulness that comes with making paper by hand to communicate ideas beyond the written word.

Paper Beyond the Page examines the use of handmade paper within contemporary art practices. Presented here are sculptural books, paper sculpture, prints, and a paper installation by three book artists, Lauren Faulkenberry, Kerri Harding, and Suzanne Sawyer. Drawing from personal experiences, each artist turns to handmade paper for its materiality, malleability, strength, and process.  These characteristics provide a conceptual and physical foundation, binding the ideas with the physical form.

Lauren Faulkenberry’s work investigates themes of mythology and memory. Kerri Harding creates functional objects that straddle the lines of art and craft, inviting both viewership and use. Suzanne Sawyer often uses plants and other forms found in nature as metaphors for relational concepts. All three find meaning in making their own paper.

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Paper Beyond the Page  |  Lauren Faulkenberry, Kerri Harding, & Suzanne Sawyer
March 3 - April 11, 2014

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