Alumni Pride

More than 465,000 Ohio State alumni live in 157 countries, with 250,000 staying close to their alma mater by settling in Ohio. The members of this global family of Buckeyes embrace the Ohio State motto of “Education for Citizenship” and demonstrate its importance in their communities. Alumni serve Ohio State through philanthropy, student scholarships and honors for innovative faculty members, and by creating networking opportunities all over the world. These alumni have a breadth and depth of accomplishment that was inspired by the wealth of opportunity at Ohio State.

Van Creasap 
Vinter, Shamrock Vineyards

With a wines named "Buckeye Red" on their wine list, it is no surprise to hear Ohio State alumnus and vinter Van Creasap is a true Buckeye.  

Creasap and his wife are owners of Shamrock Vineyards –a successful winery located south of Waldo, Ohio.

Creasap attended Ohio State Marion, earning a Bacherelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Economics in 2004.

According to Creasap, The Ohio State University has positively impacted his life in a number of different ways. 

"Not only do I have a quality education from The Ohio State University that I value greatly, but the university continues to impact the wine industry, my livelihood, through cutting edge research on the Wooster campus/OARDC." 

"Ohio State Marion afforded me the flexibility to go to school as a non-traditional student.  I think that is an invaluable tool to families trying to earn a living and pursue a higher education at the same time.  If not for Ohio State Marion I would not have had the opportunities I have." 

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Jeffrey Kuhn
Jeffrey Kuhn attended Ohio State Marion and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2002. Following graduation Kuhn went to Akito Japan to teach English as a second language.  Upon returning to the United States, he joined the Peace Corp, where he served two years in Mongolia and worked for the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia.  He later returned to the states and currently works at Ohio University as the Assistant Director of the Language Resource Center.