Alcohol Policy

The Ohio State University is a dynamic learning environment where students, faculty, staff and guests interact in a wide variety of intellectual and social activities that extend outside of the classroom. We value and promote an alcohol-free environment. However, we also recognize that alcoholic beverages may be available at some campus activities and events. These activities are consistent with the University's cultural values when they foster moderation, responsibility, and safety in alcohol consumption.

The University prohibits the illegal use of alcohol and complies fully with federal, state and local regulations regarding the sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. All members of the University community are held responsible for their behavior and for respecting the rights of others.

The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the premises of the Marion campus unless written approval for a special event is obtained from the Office of Facilities Scheduling in Morrill Hall, Room 118. In addition, special guidelines for alcohol use must be distributed.

Funds allocated to student organizations from the Office of Student Activities may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol Policy Violations
Any student, faculty, or staff member found to be in violation of federal, state, and/or local law, or who violates the University's alcohol and other drug policies, are subject to University's disciplinary procedures and/or referral to the appropriate authorities for legal prosecution. Campus disciplinary sanctions include, but are not limited to a formal reprimand; conduct probation, disciplinary probation, suspension, or permanent dismissal.

Sanctions may also apply to registered student organizations and to off-campus conduct involving activities sponsored or authorized by the University.