Adult Students

Over age 24 and been out of school a while? Thinking about college? Don't panic!! You'll be right at home on the Marion campus of The Ohio State University!

About one-third of our students are "non-traditional,"--people just like you who have been out of school for a few years. Most adult students have jobs, families, and varied responsibilities--and really love taking classes.

Big Questions-- Straight Answers

Am I smart enough?
Yes, you are! "Smart" is the willingness to explore your potential, to recognize your need for change or personal improvement, to stretch beyond where you are right now and to understand that you will not have all the answers when you begin.

I may need some help.  What support services can I expect?
We're ready to assist you in nearly every way. Flexible class schedules, career counseling, personalized academic advising, student support networks, tutoring and study skills assistance, and recreational facilities are designed to facilitate your return to school. Parking is free. Financial assistance is available, and our tuition and fees are very affordable.

Speaking of expenses, can I afford college?
Nearly 70 percent of all Ohio State Marion campus students receive some form of financial assistance. Whether as scholarships, state or Federal grants, work study positions, or loans, help is available. Our financial aid counselors will meet your needs individually and confidentially.

Are there scholarships available for me?
Yes. We offer the "Step Up!" award for adults returning to college after a break from formal education. If you are more than 24 years old and have been away from formal education for at least two years, you may be eligible for a scholarship equal to the cost of your first class. Call us for more details!

What will I be doing four years from now?
A college degree gives you choices and options you don't have currently. We want you to be part of the Ohio State community--right here in Marion. You'll share an outstanding academic experience, the Ohio State spirit, a family atmosphere, and a sense of belonging.