Complex-Web Weavers

Funnel-web Spiders (Family Agelenidae)

These common spiders build a flat or funnel-shaped web with a tubular retreat attached. The spider waits in the retreat for an insect to land on the sheet. The spider then rushes out to capture the prey. They sense their prey primarily by vibration of the web. Some construct a tangle of threads above the sheet that may intercept flying prey which fall onto the sheet. These spiders are very common in Ohio and are sometimes called "grass spiders" because their webs are conspicuous when the grass is covered with dew.

Sheet-web Weavers (Family Linyphiidae)

These spiders are often tiny (less than 1/8 inch long as adults). They spin many kinds of webs; usually with a flat, dome or bowl-shaped sheet. One familiar species in this group is named for its web, the bowl and doily spider." In many of these spiders a tangle of non-sticky threads are spun above the sheet. Prey fly into the tangle, lose their balance and fall onto the sheet where they are captured. There are probably more of these spiders than any other kind in Ohio, but many are very inconspicuous.


Text by Dr. Richard Bradley, Assoc. Prof., Ohio State Univ.- Marion

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